Renegade Crowns is my second Dragon Warriors campaign.

About the characters and the campaign:

As a homecoming group back from the Principalities of the Crusade (after 10 years of fighting the Ta’ashim), the characters arrived at Port Clyster. Although they only had the minor status of an armed retinue for an much older Knight and Veteran of the Crusades, their Lord died during the sea journey back home to Ellesand. So without their former overlord and any money left, they arrived nearly penniless in their former homeland, that is now wartorn between a weak King and his loyalists and some renegade Barons and Counts.

It’s a very nice introduction into the setting, because as the characters must explore their now changed former homeland, so do the players explore the game and setting “Legend” in general.

Dragon Warriors: Renegade Crowns

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