Thomas and William

Brothers in ales and Brewer of Karickbridge.


Thomas is the face of the family business:handsome, well-spoken and agreeable. He is also a shiftless, lazy, narcissistic spendthrift. Just under six feet tall, with a strong jaw and shoulder-length blond hair, Thomas draws the attention of ladies wherever the brothers travel. However, he knows next to nothing of the craft and business of brewing, leaving such menial concerns to his older brother, William.

William is the opposite of Thomas: short, stocky, prematurely bald, a penny-pincher, and yet almost magical in his skill as a brewmaster. He is also introverted: sweating and hyperventilating when approached by an attractive woman, and desperately flustered when spoken to by any of a higher social class than he. Prone to agoraphobia, and panic attacks in crowds, he cannot handle public appearances at all.


Thomas and William

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